How we select our products

We first look for companies that we feel share our commitment to providing quality and authentic products that are free from impurities and adulterants. Beyond that, we also work hard to find companies that are, in some way, going beyond the industry status quo, and creating products that are setting new standards. Often times we are able to find companies that are working on new and wonderful ways to source their raw materials or they go above and beyond to maintain high production or testing standards. We also love to find companies that are bringing new or unique products to the market. We love supporting companies that choose to bring products to market not because they are seeking high profit margins but because they think there is a genuine need for the product. We are constantly scouring the continent for interesting products and there are a few situations where we order a single product from a new vendor just because we think they have the best source. This is extra work that we love doing.

Most of the time our product selection process translates to many phone calls to company owners and suppliers, reviewing quality control documents and test results, and a physical review and trial stage of all prospective products. We do this because our experience in the industry has provided us with many of the skills necessary to adequately evaluate a product. Furthermore, it is our goal that our practitioner community and the general public will be able to purchase products from us with complete trust that we did all the leg-work necessary to assure the products safety, quality, and value.

How we assure you receive a custom granule formula that is prepared with accuracy and precision

We take every precaution to ensure that the formula that was ordered is the exact formula that you receive. Every granule formula we prepare is carefully documented to record that not only the correct herbs and amounts are being poured, but also that the correct patient and dosage is associated with that formula. At each stage of processing, we take the time to double check each primary data point and we maintain an electronic data log that provides additional checks and balances while also assuring that each formula is filled with both accuracy and precision. We do all this because we value your trust and we take pride in our ability to exceed your expectations in quality and integrity.