QUALITY  We accept nothing less than the best, most authentic products for ourselves, and we extend this same demand for quality to every product we sell to our customers. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we source our products and assure that all custom formulas are prepared with accuracy and precision

SERVICE  We run the place, but this is your medicinary. We're always happy to answer your questions and make sure that you're confident in the products you buy. We also go out of our way to make sure all our services are provided quickly, efficiently, and with a smile. We truly believe that it is both an honor and a pleasure to serve you and our community

FAIR PRICING  We have made a deliberate effort to keep our prices as low as possible, allowing more people to experience the healing benefits of this ancient medicine. Ultimately, we value service, relationships and quality over expansion and large profits.

COMMUNITY  We want our medicinary to be more than a dispensary, we want it to be a meeting place where the Chinese medicine community comes to share ideas about their practice or where anyone can just relax and have a cup of tea and some conversation. Think of it as the barber shop of herbal medicinary. We're interested in you and not just your business.

EMPOWERMENT Specifically of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and women. We seek to play an active role in: breaking the systems of oppression; removing the societal constructs that limit the potential of the individuals in these communities; and ending the marginalization, the intimidation, and the vicious acts of violence perpetrated on these communities. Furthermore, through the principle of empowerment we hope to be part of the solution that brings about true equality and justice for all humans, and a society that encourages and celebrates the unbridled self-expression of all its members.