Order Turnaround Times

Current Estimates as of 7/23/24

  • Granule formulas: 2-3 business days
  • Custom encapsulations: 3 business days
  • Ready-made patents: 1-2 business day for shipments / same day for pickups

 Order Timeline for Granule Formulas

  • When a granule formula order is submitted to us, we can usually enter it into our system the next business day, but this depends on how busy we are. 
  • After the formula is entered into our system, we will need to receive payment before we can prepare it. We will get in touch regarding payment if we don’t already have payment preapproved for the order. 
  • Once we receive payment, we will put the formula in the queue to be prepared. 
        • Granule formulas are usually prepared the next business day after they are paid, but this depends on how busy we are.
        • Granule formulas that are to be encapsulated take extra time, so please expect an additional business day of preparation.
  • We will always reach out when a formula is ready to be picked up unless we have established an alternate arrangement.

 Order Timeline for Ready-made Products

  • Ready-made patents and supplies can be picked up at the front desk anytime since these products do not require preparation time. 
  • We are open for walk-in business, so pre-ordering ready-made products for pickup is not necessary. You are welcome to contact us if you have questions about what products we have in stock or if you would prefer a prepaid pickup.
  • Ready-made products can usually ship the following business day.

Urgent and Rush Orders

  • Urgent Orders: If your order is for a medically urgent situation, please put the words medically urgent” in the subject line of your email or let us know by phone. We will always prioritize these orders.
  • Rush Orders: If your order is not for a medically urgent situation but there is a time restriction, please put the words rush request” in the subject line of your email or let us know by phone. Depending on how busy we are, we may not always be able to accommodate rush requests.